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Top 10 Uses for Custom USB Drives
Top 10 Uses for Custom USB Drives
10/2/2014 9:35:21 AM
Some people consider USB drives a dying technology or unnecessary because of inventions like “the cloud” and Dropbox. However, USB drives are still heavily used in 2014 for more purposes than backing up important data. We’ve compiled a list for the top ten uses of a flash drive, based on what our clients are using them for.

1. Promotional tool


Promotional USB drives are a current trend because they are completely customizable. We offer traditional drives that come in a variety of colors, finishes, styles, sizes and printing options. Many companies have their logos or names printed/laser etched onto them. Other companies opt for the more unique 2D/3D custom shape drive because it helps with brand awareness/product association.



2. Media Kit or Press kit


Getting the press to notice you or think something you have to offer is newsworthy requires a good ‘ol media kit. Typically, a kit involves a dense folder with neatly organized papers. They are costly to make because of printing, paper and shipping. USBs make media kits all digital, reducing production costs. It’s simple: pick out a USB drive, preload all data onto it and ship to receiver. This allows the receiver to not only have access to your documents, but also make it easier to pull information (copy/paste) if they do publish a story on you.



3. Tradeshow


Tradeshows result in a lot of visibility, traffic and a small window of time to make contact. Because you are not the only one trying to sell something, it’s best to stay simple and memorable. USB drives provide the perfect opportunity for memorability. While most vendors will disperse papers and pamphlets and pencils- it all gets thrown away. Handing a prospective client a custom USB drive means two things: it will not be thrown away with the papers and people will be reminded of your brand whenever they use it. Let’s face it, a functional flash drive will always come in handy.



4. Recruiting tool


Generally, recruitment involves lots of papers, informative emails or phone-calls. Many businesses are making their job easier by cutting down costs, as well as time, by purchasing bulk drives with pre-loaded information. The drives store powerpoints, statistics, history, videos or letters of intent uploaded onto them. Similar to the tradeshow drive, a potential client/customer/worker is more likely to take you into consideration every time they use that drive. It increases visibility and memorability.



5. Corporate gift


We have many companies ramping up their corporate gifts to custom USB drives. Branded drives can bring unity to the office, give employees something functional to use; they can be pre-loaded with letters of thanks, news policies and procedures too.



6. Sales promotion


Keeping current sales teams and new hires updated on policies and procedures is the key to success. However, it isn’t eco-friendly per say to print off handbooks every time there is a change. Many businesses have all of the documents preloaded onto the drives. The best part? Whenever there is a need-to-know update, the files can be emailed and uploaded onto the drives again. Simple.



7. Media release


A trend on the rise is offering custom drives for any media release. TV, film and music industries are starting to offer these as special gifts or collectibles. The drive is customized with the logo or name. Special releases are preloaded onto them. We have had clients do secret songs, new albums, videos, bloopers, additional footage etc. Again, the drive can continue to be utilized as a flash drive, but gives your brand additional, free marketing, wherever it’s seen.



8. Educational tool


Educational institutions utilize custom USB drives as promotional tools too! They are being sold in their local bookstores, given at ‘new student’ orientations or sent as a recruitment tool for the institution. A lot of athletic departments preload information about their program, game footage and stats.



9. Photography


Photography businesses have also started going digital. It’s expensive for the business owner and customer to have every photo printed. Instead, savvy photographers have begun offering all of their watermarked photos on custom USB drives. This way the customer can have a safe place to keep all of their photos. Also, some photographers offer a discount if the USB is brought back to every new session.



10. Wedding/Party favor


A newer trend is utilizing custom USB drives as party favors instead of gifting junk. The drives have been preloaded with recipes of the food served at the event, playlists from the married couple, photos and thank you notes.



For more ideas and pictures on how to use your USB drive, check out our idea gallery.


The bizUSB Team

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