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Grab Attention at Tradeshows with these Custom USBs
Grab Attention at Tradeshows with these Custom USBs
10/2/2014 9:55:49 AM
There is a trade show for every industry and a great niche audience to support you. With hundreds, even thousands, of potential clients passing you by: how are you going to stand out? How will you be remembered?

 One of the most effective ways to market yourself is providing passersby with a custom flash drive. It is the ultimate marketing tool for these types of conventions. A typical business card is made of paper. It can be crinkled, rubbed off or worse, thrown away. Same with traditional promotional tools like plastic cups, pencils, magnets, flyers or brochures. Consumers don’t have time to hold onto and file away all of the information being thrown their way. Instead, you need a simple and functional tool that can act as a refresher. What better way to call attention to your business and memory recall for the client, than an interactive custom flash drive?


We offer a wide variety of custom USB drives on our website. Many models are more familiar than others and recognized as a traditional drive. One of the most popular traditional models is the ‘swivel drive’. This style like many of our ABS plastic/steel models come in a variety of colors.



For the more classic and simple clients we offer traditional printed USB models. These style drives have small printing surface areas; enough for a logo or small name. However, that might be all you need for your attention grabbing promo tool because 88% will recall the advertiser name on their promotional tool.


Traditional Drives | key and wooden rectangle


Custom shape USBs vary in style because they are engineered just for you. These 2D or 3D drives are very popular amongst trade show goers. They can be designed as a miniature replica of your product or service. Our custom shapes can be made out of PVC, wood, metal, plastic and even leather. These drives are as affordable as our traditional drives. However, during the month of April our promotion makes custom shapes cheaper than most other models


Custom Shape USB Drives


We also offer credit card style USB drive (flash disk) that offers the largest printing surface. This would be considered a traditional USB drive with a modern twist. It is 2x3 inches and very thin, hence the name ‘credit card style. It is the perfect tool for trade shows because both sides can be branded with information and pictures.


Flash Disk or Credit Card Style USB Drive


Regardless of the style of USB drives you choose, make sure to preload any pertinent information to the drives before the show. The information suggested to preload varies industry to industry. You might think about providing:


  • stat sheets
  • backgrounders
  • catalogs
  • menus
  • complete playlists
  • presentations
  • documents
  • applications
  • website URL landing pages
  • videos
  • case studies etc.
  • coupons


Custom printed USB drives provide the perfect opportunity to market yourself and to be interactive even after you’re not face to face. If you are interested in this type of marketing tool, be wary of USB producers. Make sure you receive a mock-up of the design before you buy it or see a physical sample first.


-The bizUSB Team

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